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1000 Words Photography is husband and wife team Tom & Leona (Lee) Burke based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. We are primarily wedding photographers, but do offer all kinds of other photography as well. We've been working together since 1996 and have photographed hundreds of couples weddings. We don't think you can define our style as anything specific, we use a combination of styles to create what we hope is a uniqe perspective. To see a greater representation of our photography be sure to check out the galleries on our website.
Our personalities are loose and playful, we love photographing weddings and really want our clients to have a great time on one of the biggest days of their lives. We work very hard to come up with images that will make you say "I was there and I don't remember it being like that". Wedding photography is different than most other services at a wedding because for the images to look awesome, there needs to be a good working relationship between us and the couple. We're there all day with you so there needs to be a level of comfort and trust. Over the months leading up to a wedding we typically have developed a close relationship with our couples. We still stay in touch with most of our couples and are through the different stages of life (the wedding, children, homes, job changes..). When we book a client many times we are gaining lifelong friends and that is a pretty cool thing.
Friday, July 24, 2009

Lake Tahoe Wedding  


First, I want to thank one of my past brides for helping us out with the format for our blog. Bridge....you're awesome. We'll probably be making some other changes to the blog, making it more visually pleasing and functional.
Now to the wedding....every now and then we get to turn a wedding into a mini vacation. This was one of those cases. We headded up Friday late afternoon so that we wouldn't have to worry about being late to the wedding on Saturday. We stayed at Mont Bleau casino on the strip and were pleasantly surprised how nice the rooms were....and way less per night than Harah's or Harveys. In the evening we took to the casino floor and Lee sat herself down at the roulette wheel, she had never really played before, but she got HOT hitting her numbers over and over again....sooo much fun.
Saturday was the wedding in Tahoe City about an hour away. Such a beautiful drive and great weather. The wedding was at a riduculously beautiful estate right on the lake. The caretaker of the property estimated that the estate may be worth $50 million...wow. We hadn't met the couple Natascha & Victorio until that day. We had photographed one of Natascha's coworkers weddings and chose us just based on the pictures we had taken for her coworker. So we meet Natascha first, and what a really nice, fun and cool person she was. We hit it off right away and started doing the getting ready shots. After a while Victorio and the groomsmen showed up......again....super cool person and a lot of fun to talk to.
The ceremony & reception had a Native American theme from decorations to the music. That was a lot of fun and was kind of refreshing for us. It was a really beautiful ceremony rich with Native American tradition. After we finished photographing the formals we got to work with Natascha & Victorio and had a lot of fun. The reception was super nice and there was a lot of laughter being shared. It was an absolute pleasure to have gotten to photograph their wedding and are grateful for the opportunity. We hope you like the teaser pictures posted in this post.

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